Spray For Bed Bugs In Walmart

Well I do need to share that Walmart does not carry the best spray for your bed bug problem. In fact with walmart cost cutting methodology I can now understand why they don’t carry this product.

You see, from my research on what I have found to be one of the best sprays for bed bugs. I now found out why Bed Bug Bully was not released in their Walmart stores. You see… being once only available to pest professionals, the special formula is one of the only bed bug products on the market which is a “true non pesticide”. The formula is not cheap I imagine as it contains unique ingredients which are not your normal pest product type stuff.

From reading their press release… Walmart was looking to cut their costs and do the dirty to the Bed Bug Bully line. The CEO found the business practice of Walmart not settling and decided they didn’t need the company to distribute their products.

In fact, Bed Bug Bully can be found at MyCleaningProducts.com, Amazon, Sears, and many other outlets.

So if you are looking for a spray for bed bugs in Walmart. Yes… they have them. But be weary as these are down right deadly pesticides. You most likely will have to evacuate and probably throw away your valuables in the process.

Not Sure Of How Bed Bug Removal Procedures

You see… what Walmart bed bug sprays will not offer you is the blueprints and video guides to kill these bed bugs. The company MyCleaningProducts.com and it’s distributors including Amazon, Sears, and others have included this in their package. This was asked to be taken out by Walmart and the CEO decided nope… because it would lessen the value to the end user… YOU!!!

Recommendations For Walmart Bed Bug Sprays

Take a look at the video below… it is from YouTube explaining a customers experience with the product. Also below that video you will see a nice demonstration from another client talking about the benefits of the product.

[ic_youtube loop=”1″ keyword=”bedbugbully”]

[ic_youtube loop=”1″ keyword=”bed bug bully”]

Here Is The Companies Latest News Releases

Bed Bug Bully has been getting glamorous press all over the place. Below are some of the latest news I found from my research. This is so… you don’t think I am the only person on my soap box cheering for them. The press loves Bed Bug Bully too!

[ic_google_news loop=”2″ keyword=”bed bug bully sample”]

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  2. jack

    what is in it. The labels on different sites are blurred. I am an exterminator in canada. I deal with very old people and cannot apply anything without knowing exactly what is inside. thank you.
    If satisfied with your answer i will order a trial supply.

    • admin

      Hey Jack…

      The active ingredients posted on their site is:

      Check out bed bug bully ingredients here… (scroll down and you will see them in description)

      Meets or Excels Federal Programs and Guidelines:

      13352 Facilitation of Cooperative Conservation
      13101 Greening the Government Through Waste Prevention, Recycling & Federal Acquisition
      13134 Developing & Promoting Bio Based Products & Bio Energy
      13148 Greening the Government Through Leadership in Environmental Management
      Other Programs:
      USDA Farm Bill Section 9002
      FSRIA Farm Security & Rural Investment Act

      Active Ingredients:
      Mint Oil 0.25%
      Clove Oil 0.30%
      Citronella Oil 0.40%
      Rosemary Oil 0.40%

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