Green Spray For Bed Bugs to Kill the Pests Safe and Quick… and Without the Expensive Bed Bug Exterminator Help

You may not see them, but bed bugs could already be lurking in your house. You may not feel their bite, but they could already be eating you alive. Because of that, though you may not admit it, you will need a spray for bed bugs for help.

Small and sneaky as they are, bed bugs could start an infestation unnoticed. And although wingless, they are fast-paced. Worse, they also multiply quick with their females able to lay three to four eggs a day. That means once they got in, they could swiftly overtake your place and bring you a series of problems.

Knowing that, you couldn’t just let bed bugs go undetected. But the question is, how could you do it?

Well, you could educate yourself with everything about them and implement a regular bed bug check. However, that alone will not keep them away. A prompt bed bug elimination must follow that check. And that is where spray for bed bugs is needed.

This post will help you find that best remedy for bed bugs for an effective, safe and inexpensive pest-control treatment. But before that, let’s first take a look at the specific reasons why you need to eliminate bed bugs and why do you have to do it early on their infestation.

Why Kill Bed Bugs?


This question has been answered so many items already. But cliché as it is, it’s worth mentioning.

Bed bugs are pests. And that statement alone speaks volume. It speaks of them gaining from you and you getting nothing from them but problems.

Those problems the vampire-like pests could bring, they range from physical to psychological. Sure thing, not like the other common house pests as fleas and ticks, bed bugs don’t transfer disease. But still, they could destabilize your general state.

With the bed bug bites, the pests could leave you with nasty marks. They are red, itchy and bumpy. And apart from the spending for their treatment, the sight of them could also cause you social embarrassment. In one way or another, they could get you discriminated as well by those people with the misconception that bed bugs are directly linked to cleanliness or social status.



In addition to those problems and as reports have it, the pests could also cause anxiety and paranoia. Though this proves true to you or not, one thing sure is that they bring a sense of worry.


Read the Latest News About Bed Bugs

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Why Kill Bed Bugs EARLY?

For all the troubles bed bugs bring, they sure deserve to be eliminated. But is it enough to just “eliminate” them?

Apparently, not.

Sure, you have to kill bed bugs to stop them from giving you those nasbed-bug-exterminator-costty marks and invading your house. However, just implementing the process doesn’t prevent them from giving you a huge financial problem. If you want your bed bug treatment to do that too, you need to implement it early on their infestation.

But how would you do that? Well, first, you would need to do a regular bed bug check. With that, you could detect bed bugs and get rid of them even before they could bring in the worst of their effects.

Here are the specific reasons why you need to do an early bed bug elimination.


  • The earlier you locate them, the easier it is for you to clear them. Basically, that’s because you will have to deal with a lesser number of bed bugs.
  • Early bed bug elimination means smaller bed bug expense. Their small number would require you a lesser amount of bed bug product. If in case you chose to hire an exterminator, that will also give you a smaller pest-control bill.
  • If you detect bed bugs early, you cut their chance to populate. With that, you also decrease the possibility of them re-infesting your place as you could prevent them from leaving eggs in spots hard to check. And that too saves you from a huge bed bug expense.

Your Bed Bug Treatment Choices

However, there are several ways to kill bed bugs. You would need to choose the best of them to make sure your elimination will work. But how could you determine which method is the best? But of course, by analyzing each of them. And to help you, below are our assessment of your bed bug treatment choices.

In general, you could kill bed bugs in two ways – chemical treatment or non-chemical treatment.

Chemical Treatment 


As you surely could discern, this option refers to the use of chemicals to get rid of bed bugs. Its strength is that it offers strong solutions to poison the pests, which most of the time kill them effectively. However, that strength is also its weakness as the chemicals could also harm your health. They could cause allergy, nausea, breathing difficulties and other health risks.

Among the specific methods under this category are the:

  • Use Chemical-Based Spray for Bed Bugs – most of the commercial bed bug sprays contain harmful chemical ingredients. You should familiarize yourself with the dangerous chemicals often used in pesticides and always check if they are in the list of ingredients of the product you intend to purchase.
  • Hiring Bed Bug Exterminators Who Use Chemical Solutions – this method is the easiest way to solve a bed bug problem. You don’t need to do anything but just call and pay them. But on the downside, this could cost you too much. Not to mention, most exterminators use very strong chemical products, the reason why they wear those masks, gloves and scrubs and require you to evacuate from the place treated for a period of time.

Non-Chemical Treatment


With just what this treatment is called, you could easily say that this is the natural remedy for bed bugs. And as the term “natural” connotes, this offers a safe bed bug treatment. But don’t be deceived, though it is gentle on one side, it could be tough on the other. And with it being effective and also safe for health and the environment, you could gain more from this treatment.

Included in this type of treatment are:

  • Freezing – this uses a very low temperature to kill bed bugs. At -19 degree Celsius for at least for days, you could eliminate the pests. The lower the temperature the shorter is the time needed to kill them.
  • Heating – in contrast, this method exposes bed bugs to a very high temperature of at least 45 degrees Celsius for approximately one hour. The higher the temperature the faster you could eliminate the pests.
  • Hiring Bed Bug Exterminators Who Use Non-Chemical Sprays – because going green is now a trend, some bed bug professionals are already offering green bed bug elimination services. However, they still cost big. In fact, some exterminators charge much more for their green treatments.
  • Application of Pesticide-Exempt Spray for Bed Bugs – this method offers you an easy-to-implement and inexpensive option to kill bed bugs without putting your health or that of anyone else at risk. But you got to find a genuine green bed bug spray for this method to work.

If you compare all of these bed bug treatment choices, it is easy to say that the use of an organic-based spray for bed bugs is your best pick. With the green product ready, you could implement a prompt elimination right after you detect the pests’ presence. Not to mention, you don’t need a huge amount just to get it done as you could do it yourself.


Which Green Spray for Bed Bugs Is the Best?

There are now many bed bug products claiming to be green. But sadly, not all of them could deliver a truly safe and effective bed bug treatment.


Bed Bug Bully though is different. As approved by FIFRA 25(b), it is a minimum-risk remedy for bed bugs. And because it is pesticide-exempt, you could implement a bed bug treatment with its help without exposing yourself and others to harmful chemical elements. That means evacuation from the area treated is no longer needed. And green as it is, it also decreases the amount of pollutants released into the environment.

So wherever it is that you have to rid bed bugs from, remember that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get their elimination safely and effectively done. Whether you are a house owner, an office or hotel manager or a bed bug exterminator, you could get the best help from Bed Bug Bully.

The pest-control companies using Bed Bug Bully have long proven that it is truly safe and effective. You can do that too with a complimentary sample of the solution.

What’s the Latest About Bed Bug Bully?

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Grab your own Bed Bug Bully sample now!


  1. Bev_NYC

    I just moved to New York three months ago and a welcome party of bed bugs greeted me in my new apartment. What a way to start my Big Apple life. These pests are such a nuisance, I had to look for another place the very next day. I’m gonna get this bed bug bully just in case they will show up too in my latest apt…hopefully this will work

  2. Jake

    I tried a bed bug fogger once and it did NOT work…I’m hopeful that this product here is the answer to my month-long bed bug problem

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  5. Joe

    No EPA registration? No research. No proof of efficacy. No proof of safety. No survey of actual bed bug victims comparing this product with (what?) other products.
    Please! Buyer beware of pest management (especially bed bug management) products that give you little information about what’s in them! Testimonials are not proof of efficacy. Pesticides are not the only dangerous chemicals out there. Although I doubt this product has more than sodium chloride or some other salt and soap as an “active” ingredient, which means it doesn’t really work.

    • admin

      The product bed bug bully is EPA exempt… under FIFRA 25(b).

      This means that EPA classifies the product as a minimum risk pesticide. You see all the ingredients which are classified under FIFRA 25(b). Then you can look at the bed bug bully product page in the bottom details area…

      The active ingredients posted on their site is:
      Meets or Excels Federal Programs and Guidelines:

      13352 Facilitation of Cooperative Conservation
      13101 Greening the Government Through Waste Prevention, Recycling & Federal Acquisition
      13134 Developing & Promoting Bio Based Products & Bio Energy
      13148 Greening the Government Through Leadership in Environmental Management
      Other Programs:
      USDA Farm Bill Section 9002
      FSRIA Farm Security & Rural Investment Act

      Active Ingredients:
      Mint Oil 0.25%
      Clove Oil 0.30%
      Citronella Oil 0.40%
      Rosemary Oil 0.40%

      Please before you bash a product or our post, just search around the internet for bed bug bully and it’s ingredients. Here it is in Google Search.

      Also, check out many of the reviews in Amazon.

      This product is in Sears, Amazon, and other large retailers now, due to it’s large success. Here are the reviews in Amazon

      Again… before bashing our post and the product, be sure to do the research. If you have questions, always feel free to ask. But don’t assume it’s bad just because of other products out there.

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