Walmart Bed Bug Sprays…

I was getting some emails of why I didn’t prefer Walmart for bed bug sprays. I combined a news story and how Walmart cost cutting takes out the value to us the consumer. Sure they are cheap… but what does that do to your products. Especially pesticides where you want a powerful bed bug spray to kill and prevent bed bug infestations.

I would recommend you read my post on Walmart Bed Bug Sprays… and why they don’t carry the most important bed bug spray to date!  One that is a non pesticide and used by pest professionals who would charge you $1,000’s to use it in your home.

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  1. Jack

    I tried bed bug bully and many others. So far it has worked for me and my family. I didn’t find it in walmart so I went online. I saw it amazon, but notice if you go to their site they offer a complimentary sample. So I took it. The service and support was fantastic, they sent me a digital guide and video to help me with everything. The CEO even sent by email a webinar to help me find where my bed bugs were. It was extremely helpful. I am a huge fan of and their products… Glad to see you are too.

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