Natural Bed Bug Spray Used By Professionals

If you are worried about bed bugs in your area… you are not alone. Bed bugs are getting worse in many areas around the United States. Now reports of bed bugs are popping up in movie theaters, you can see in Norfolk there were bed bug outbreaks in a local theater. If you thought this was uncommon, there was also a similar case in Florida in a Regal Cinema.

Bed Bugs In Theaters Now?

What Natural Solutions Work?

While there are many sorts of bed bug sprays available. I am sure you had heard stories or witnessed it yourself of many of these bed bug products just not working. The reason being is the ingredients in the bed bug spray is not enough to do two important things to get rid of a bed bug infestation.

Not only do you need to kill bed bugs, you will need to prevent bed bugs as well.

 Alcohol Will Not Kill Bed Bugs

If you really think alcohol will kill bed bugs you are wrong. If that was the case, there would be no outbreaks anymore. Since rubbing alcohol is so prevalent in todays society. This is a myth and you should not waste your valuable time trying to research how to kill bed bugs with alcohol.

The Standard For Natural Bed Bug Sprays

In order to feel a bit more comfortable, the EPA has released some standards that if bed bug sprays conform too, they are seen and can be classified as pesticide exempt. This is under the FIFRA 25b, which states that if  the bed bug product contains specific ingredients, it can be classified as a non pesticide spray for bed bugs.

Here are some of the active ingredients that are classified under FIFRA 25b

Castor oil (U.S.P. or equivalent)* Linseed oil
Cedar oil Malic acid
Cinnamon and cinnamon oil* Mint and mint oil
Citric acid* Peppermint and peppermint oil*
Citronella and Citronella oil 2-Phenethyl propionate (2-phenylethyl propionate)
Cloves and clove oil* Potassium sorbate*
Corn gluten meal* Putrescent whole egg solids
Corn oil* Rosemary and rosemary oil*
Cottonseed oil* Sesame (includes ground sesame plant) and sesame oil*
Dried Blood Sodium chloride (common salt) *
Eugenol Sodium lauryl sulfate
Garlic and garlic oil* Soybean oil
Geraniol* Thyme and thyme oil*
Geranium oil White pepper
Lauryl sulfate Zinc metal strips (consisting solely of zinc metal and impurities)
Lemongrass oil

 Why Most Bed Bug Sprays Do Not Work

In most cases, your bed bug outbreak will not be fixed because most bed bug products only kill bed bugs on contact. There are not many products that can kill bed bugs being used as a fogger. So that means, you need to do some really intense inspecting in order to find all the bed bugs. If you don’t get them all, then you could see more continue to reproduce and have another outbreak.

There is only one type of natural bed bug spray that professionals use that can be used as a fogger and a on contact killer. Not only that, the natural bed bug spray will create the bed bugs to come out of there hiding locations so it will be easier to get rid of the entire infestation.

Professional bed bug exterminators are using this bed bug spray to kill on contact and as a fogger, it is called Bed Bug Bully.

#1 Reason Bed Bug Outbreaks Happen Again

One of the only few natural bed bug sprays to kill and prevent. It has a 30 day residual to keep bed bugs away. This is the single biggest reason why most folks keep getting re infestations. They are not using a product that can kill and prevent outbreaks.

Case Study That Proves It Works

Now of course, I am not going to state some claims without showing undeniable proof. Bed Bug Bully has been a big secret with some large pest control companies. It was recently only sold to them privately under tight licensing. Now, after new licensing Bed Bug Bully is not only still being sold to these large pest control companies, it is available to public consumers and other pest professionals.

To prove it’s effectiveness, the company has publicly stated it will be offering complimentary samples to bed bug victims. You would simply need to pay the shipping and handling. It will allow you to try the product without having to fork over lots of money. It is important to understand, that a sample will only get you so far if you have a large outbreak. But it is nice to know that a company like Bed Bug Bully is offering these complimentary travel size samples to folks with bed bug issues, who are serious about getting rid of the outbreak once and for all.

Complimentary Samples On Facebook

You can like Bed Bug Bully Facebook fan page and receive your sample today.

So if the complimentary sample wasn’t enough proof. Here is some outside testing to add more confidence in purchasing this natural bed bug solution.

Videos from customers

A video taken to show bed bug bully being sprayed as a contact killer and instantly killing the bed bugs, eggs, and larvae. Now don’t forget the natural product also will kill and prevent bed bugs. This video is showing the effects up close so you know the product does kill bed bugs.

Customer Demonstration of Bed Bug Bully

Review By Another Customer

 Adult Rehabilitation Center Case Study

Here is a recent case study to prove the effectiveness in large outbreaks. I am going to paste the report below on the blog. The PDF version is available upon request.

This Adult Rehabilitation Center switched from using a well-known bed bug insecticide to BED BUG BULLY after experiencing its primary benefits:

• Bio-Pesticide, EPA 25 (b) Exempt
• No special certification needed or training to apply
• Killed bed bugs on contact
• Provided 30-day residual kill (60% + of bed bug population is hidden from view)
• Safe to use around residents/children, all ingredients are EPA G.R.A.S. (Generally Regarded As Safe) • Kept rooms in use with no down-time, saved power by eliminating heat treatment

bedbugsAdult rehabilitation centers and homeless shelters provide safe harbor to individuals experiencing difficult times. The sleeping arrangements in these facilities are often quite close and a bed bug outbreak spreads with lightning speed.

Recently, a distributor sales rep called on his local adult rehabilitation center and discovered they had just experienced another bed bug outbreak over the weekend. They had been treating these outbreaks with repeated application of another leading bed bug insecticide, creating barriers with diatomaceous earth, and turning up the heat in the affected rooms.

All of the facility’s dorm rooms accommodate seven beds and take the better part of two days to heat, spray, and clean-up. With their housing in great demand, having these rooms out of service was not an ideal situation.

Additionally, as the heat was cranked up in the dorm area, it compromised other areas of the building. They were unable to operate any of their laundry facilities due to the drain on the power supply. The air conditioning was disabled for almost 50% of a floor due to the configuration of the building’s duct work and power source.

After learning about BED BUG BULLY and the benefits of using a product that was not only third-party certified for effectiveness, but contained only ingredients that the EPA regards as G.R.A.S. (Generally Regarded As Safe), they were fast to try the product. The results were so impressive they immediately bought two cases of BED BUG BULLY.

The benefits they experienced in keeping rooms in use, saving power by not running high heat, and easy, effective application more than justified the additional cost for BED BUG BULLY.

Ingredients Of This Natural Pesticide

The company has an open website which presents all the ingredients which are approved by the EPA and FDA. They are mostly oils and a unique blend of there private formula which seems to outperform many other bed bug products on the market. Read a more detailed explanation about the natural bed bug spray ingredients.

More Information On Natural Bed Bug Sprays

There are many sites which talk about bed bug bully, but your best bet is to speak to creators of the formula. There are two major sites for bed bug bully. The first is the corporate site to order bed bug bully in bulk. This is for hotels, pest professionals, theme parks and resorts. This is the location to place orders in bulk with the company. The company is called Optimal Chemical Inc.

Smaller Orders and Consumer Purchases

If you are interested in smaller consumer sizes of this natural bed bug bully product. You have a few options as now it has become so popular that many e-retailers are supplying this popular product. I would recommend to go direct to They are the main distributors of the product and will give you a better discount on the shipping and price for the product. Also you will receive a Green Bean Buddy assigned to your account to help you get rid of your bed bug outbreak. A nice compliment to get free support from the company who makes the product.

Some more locations to purchase this natural bed bug spray are Sears, Overstock, Amazon, and even Ebay.

Complimentary Sample Special Offer

If you are new to the brand, by all means sign up for their complimentary sample offer direct from their product website. You can receive the travel size sample and only have to pay for the shipping and handling of the product. You must pay the shipping so this weeds out people who really do not need Bed Bug Bully and only folks who really need the product take the offer. The special is limited obviously, but a great opportunity to prove to yourself that this new natural bed bug spray works. Just remember to get enough for your entire bed bug infestation.

Grab Your Complimentary Sample of This Natural Bed Bug Spray